Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Ten Posts of 2013

It's become traditional for me to give the top ten posts of the year (well, actually, I only started last year ;-).  As of last night, I had 76,281 pageviews and 28,395 unique visitors. I'm up about 2,500 page views from last year and up about 3000 unique visitors.

I'm not a guru like Larry Wilson or James McGrath at knowing how to get the numbers. I resonate with Larry's conclusion that the number of visitors is proportional to the number of posts. I seem to remember James saying sometime that the number of links in a post improves your Google ranking.

I've also found that some of my most visited pages have been up for several years. For example,
So you can see that 5 of the top ten posts this year weren't even from this year. But now for the top ten posts actually from 2013. Drum roll please, as we count down to number 1...
  • 10. Driscoll Shark-Jumping - A lot of visits this year had to do with my posts on Mark Driscoll's arguments for the ESV. #4 below was the first one and the most visited. This was a series where I think I might have been too sarcastic. When push comes to shove, my critique of Driscoll probably hit too close to home with some of my friends.
  • 9. Are you chosen to understand? - Slightly more visited of the Driscoll series was the one treating his apparent sense that understanding the biblical text has something to do with whether God has chosen you and thus translators don't need to make intelligibility a major goal.
  • 8. Why I Am an Egalitarian - This follow-up to the Driscoll posts had over 300 page views.
  • 7. Five Views of Inerrancy (Book Review) - I tread into rough waters by reviewing this Zondervan book right before it came out. This was the first post. It was helpful to see that there is a much wider spectrum on this issue than the most vocal one.
  • 6. Ten Common Mistakes about the NT - No, the book I was working on isn't finished yet (Argh)
  • 5. Top Ten Theological Mistakes - Obviously not everyone agreed on these! 
  • 4. Driscoll Jumps the Shark on ESV - The first post on Driscoll predictably got the most page views of the series, over 450.
  • 3. Sad Developments at Wesley Biblical Seminary - I removed this post by request, but it had 477 visits before I did. WBS had a really rough patch last year but now actually now looks to make a come back. The new president seems to be just what they needed, and it seems to have no lack of loyal fans willing to sacrifice to see it through.
  • 2. Straight Talk Among Christians - I don't know if this was a good post or not, but over 500 visits came to this post sparked by an alarming segment on The Daily Show.
  • 1. Tribute to Ross Hoffman - It is an immense tribute to Ross that there were some 1600 visits to his tribute, over 1100 the very day it posted. He is still missed immensely by all.

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