Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Ten Posts of 2012

Here are the posts I made in 2012 that received the most traffic.  All in all, I had 73,695 pageviews.  The following are just the top among this year (in terms of posts people specifically clicked on--I have no way of knowing if a person lingered on a post by generally looking at my site without clicking on the post itself).

Most of my specific page views have to do with items like the #1 item below that students doing searches find.  For example, my biggest traffic was from a 2008 post I did on Famous Rationalists as part of my forthcoming philosophy textbook (627 people clicked on it specifically).

10. Memory Verse Hermeneutics (June 10)
This was part of a series I did on my hermeneutical pilgrimage.  It is part of one of the feelers I have out right now for a possible book.

9. Edmunson on Online Education (July 20)
I get a lot of spam trying to comment on this post, trying to link to their online whatever.  Lots of things are changing in education and history will remember Edmunson's position as the sour grapes of a loser.

8. Wesleyan General Conference Decisions (June 5)
I was very happy with the decisions of the conference.  Sometimes I feel like I'm isolated in my sense of the obvious direction things should take, but more than once decisions have confirmed that the majority agrees.

7. My Dad's Funeral Sermon (April 2)
My father passed on March 26, a great man after God's own heart.  We sure have missed him these last 9 months.

6. Grudem on Inerrancy (September 8)
I've been blogging through Grudem's Systematic Theology textbook.  This was my treatment of his view of inerrancy.

5. Wesleyan Church's Divorce Decision (June 4)
In preparation for Wesleyan General Conference, I posted some of the perspectives Wesleyans might take on its coming decision on whether to allow for divorce in the case of abuse. The church didn't let me down.

4. New Testament Greek Pronouns (July 11)
I posted some of the lectures I did for my summer Greek for Ministry course.

3. Nashotah House Theological Seminary (April 24)
I visited this seminary in April and blogged on what a hidden gem it was, especially for Anglicans who are looking for something other than business as usual in the Anglican tradition.

2. Sermon in Shoes, children's song (April 6)
This was the title of the sermon I preached at my father's funeral in April.  It came from a children's song that had fallen out of use but is still quite powerful.

1. To know the good is to do the good. (March 17)
This isn't an exact quote from Socrates but it is often cited that way.  Students go crazy trying to find where it's from, so I decided to post the silver bullet for those trying to find it.

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