Friday, April 06, 2012

Sermon in Shoes (Children's Song)

A few people had never heard the children's song, "A Sermon in Shoes."  One requested I send an audio of it. It was a book in the shape of shoes that a child or two would be chosen to come forward and hold. Then the children would all sing the song from the book, page by page.

Here are the lyrics and an audio. I'm not sure who owns the copyright or where you could get the book. Publisher, you might get some sales if you comment ;-)

Do you know, Oh Christian, you’re a sermon in shoes?
Do you know, Oh Christian, you’re a sermon in shoes?
Jesus calls upon you, to spread the gospel news,
So walk it, and talk it. 
Live it, and give it.
Teach it, and preach it. 
Know it, and show it.
A Sermon in Shoes.

Here's the audio.


Sa Black said...

I think Abeka Book makes it.

Lottie said...

The song was a favorite when I worked with our junior church quite a while ag. It was written by Ruth Harms Calkin, as published in the Salvation Songs for Children, Number 4.

Johon King said...

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