Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Festschrift for Keith Drury

We are pleased to announce the publication of a Festschrift in honor of Keith Drury (the first is paperback, the second Kindle):

"Scholars have a long-standing tradition of honoring one of their own with a Festschrift, a collection of essays, to mark a significant moment life of the honoree. In this volume, Bud Bence, Bob Black, Chris Bounds, Amanda Drury, Sharon Drury, Stephen Lennox, Dan Reiland, Ken Schenck, Wayne Schmidt, Wallace Thornton Jr., and Burton Webb honor Keith Drury with scholarship related to his contributions to the church, in honor of his retirement from full-time ministry."

Steve Lennox did the lion's share of the editing, but in setting it up for print I was REALLY impressed with these essays. There is some really good stuff in here. All the proceeds will go, as I understand it, toward scholarships at IWU.  The Table of Contents is below.

I know some of you are wondering whether Wesleyans have a contribution to make to broader Christianity today. Keith Drury is the most innovative thinker, I suspect, in our entire church's history, and these essays represent scholarly engagement with his most distinctive thoughts. So if you are looking for how Wesleyans might play a role on a larger scale, there's probably something in here. See also Wayne Schmidt's essay, "The Making of a Movement," based on KD's article of the same name.

Stephen J. Lennox

Chapter 1
Re-Viewing History: Keith Drury, Pilgrim Bible Colleges, and the Power of a Single Word
Bob Black

Chapter 2
Scripture as a Sacrament of Transformation
Ken Schenck

Chapter 3
Toward a “Neo-Holiness Theology” of Entire Sanctification
Chris Bounds

Chapter 4
It’s Not Just Wrapping—It’s Skin: A Reflection on the Work of Keith Drury and the Relevance of Faith to Lifestyle
Wallace Thornton, Jr.

Chapter 5
Habituated Spontaneous Judgment: A Conversation with John Dewey’s How We Think
Amanda Drury

Chapter 6
Keith Drury’s Leader Development Legacy
Sharon Drury

Chapter 7
Mentoring Moments
Dan Reiland

Chapter 8
The Making of a Movement
Wayne Schmidt

Chapter 9
God’s Call and Divine Guidance: Revisiting the Concept of Life Calling
Clarence (Bud) Bence

Chapter 10
The Providence of God
Burton Webb

The Works of Keith W. Drury


Susan Moore said...

I bought it. As the Lord pleases, any person or people who support Street Ministry in the U.S. get my offerings.

Ken Schenck said...

I will report back on any monies raised for scholarship.

Susan Moore said...

The Street Ministers I have met are engaging and life-long learners. They love to read. However, they have a heart for the marginalized, who cannot reimburse them, therefore, the passion of the Street Minister for their people leads them into living a physically impoverished life style, as I did before I received my new nursing job. Scholarships would help them, as do online programs.
Now that I have a greater income, I would like to help them, too.
Street Ministers seek the lost and care for the estranged Church, they bring Christ's word and love to their people. Without their minister of grace, the marginalized person would have no Christian in their life.