Wednesday, July 23, 2014

18. Genesis 47:27-50:26 (Jacob's Testament)

And now, the final post of Genesis, for Genesis 47:27-50:26.

In these chapters:
  • As Jacob is about to die, he has Joseph swear he will bury him back in Canaan. Genesis 47:31 sounds like Jacob dies, but then he is still alive in Genesis 48.
  • In Genesis 48, Jacob blesses the two children of Joseph--Manasseh and Ephraim. He switches his hands to bless the younger, Ephraim, more than the older Manasseh, and he does so over Joseph's objections. This is because he also was the younger, blessed more than his older brother Esau.
  • Genesis 49 gives his testament blessings on his twelve sons and then dies. Judah is the most favored in this testament, which foreshadows in the story the future kingship of the Davidic line. The chapter uses both YHWH (49:18) and Shaddai (49:25) for God.
  • Genesis 50:1-14 gives the burial of Joseph back in Canaan by a large contingency from Egypt, including all of Jacob's family.
  • Perhaps the key verse of the entire Joseph cycle is 50:20: The brothers planned something for bad, but God used it for God.
  • Finally, Joseph dies. He wants to be buried back in Canaan eventually, although it will have to wait several hundred years. 
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Here endeth Genesis.

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