Sunday, June 08, 2014

16. Genesis 39-41 (Joseph - from slave to ruler)

On the home stretch with Genesis! Today is Genesis 39-41.
  • Joseph considers adultery with Potiphar's wife a sin against God. Still, Yahweh is loyal to Joseph and blesses Joseph despite his situation.
  • Interpretations belong to God. Joseph gets his interpretations from Elohim.
  • The cup bearer forgets all about Joseph once his situation changes. He's a reminder not to take our good fortune for granted, to be grateful for those who helped us when we were under less fortunate circumstances, and not to think we are better than those who knew us in more difficult times.
  • Pharoah has magicians as part of his consulting team.
  • God has made up his mind.
  • The "spirit of Elohim" is on Joseph. The people of Egypt will bow the knee before him.
  • Joseph is married to an Egyptian, Aseneth, whose father was priest of On (Heliopolis). A Jewish novel from around the time of Christ makes sure she is converted first, Joseph and Aseneth.
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