Wednesday, May 14, 2014

11. Genesis 23-24 (Isaac and Rebekah)

Today's reading is Genesis 23-24.
  • Death of Sarah: Sarah dies at 127. Abraham buys some land from Ephron the Hittite where he, Isaac, and Jacob will also be buried.
  • Finding Rebekah: It was important to marry within your own people, not least to keep property within your clan. Accordingly, Abraham sends his chief servant back north to Haran to find a spouse for his son Isaac. 
  • Yahweh and His Angel: This is a Yahweh passage. Abraham has confidence that Yahweh will send his angel before his servant so that the right woman will be located.
  • Endogamous Marriage: In a group culture, it is ideal to marry someone in the broader family so that property stays within the clan and the identity of the clan stays intact.
  • Done Deal: There is no ceremony. Gifts have been exchanged. The decision has been made. Rebekah goes in the tent that had been Isaac's mother and they're married.
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