Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Governmental Hopes

The results are in as you all know.  The Republicans take the House by storm. The Dems and Harry Reid only narrowly keep the Senate.  What are my hopes for this Congress?

1. I hope it will do what Republicans have often prided themselves on--cutting down the deficit.  I don't know how they'll do it.  I have fears about missteps in trying to do it.  But I wish them all Godspeed in doing it.

2. I hope that both sides will be more flexible than they were these last two years.  I hope both sides will let individual Senators vote their consciences rather than destroying those who break rank.  The Dems don't have enough to filibuster in the House, so at least we won't see that.  I hope we'll see up or down votes in the Senate.

3. I hope some of the good things the Democrats have wanted to do--and in the past some Republicans have wanted to do--will continue forward.  Since the Republicans can relax now, I hope they will do some of the things they've opposed just to oppose.  Let them take credit for it, sure.  Either way, good would be done.

I'm not really expecting any of this, of course.  I'm expecting gridlock as usual and many interesting/scary ideological battles to take place, nice things to blog on. ;-)

On the side, here's a post on the NIV around the blogosphere.  The reaction seems pretty much the same as mine.  Like the first link on that post, I sent in my suggestions where the NIV does voodoo with grammar and the text because of the ideologies of its translators.  Pretty much ignored.  One shining light, you'll see, is that it translates sarx as flesh in Romans.  That was one of my suggestions too.

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Rick said...

I hope both sides recognize the dissatisfaction the general public has with them. The Dem over-reaching course has been rejected, and the Repubs have been given a "second chance", but are on a very short leash. Both should feel that they were humbled, and should be wary of returning to arrogance and pride- especially when it results in not listening to the people.