Tuesday, November 02, 2010

IWU Religion Coffee Talk 1

I may not post any more of these, but it occurs to me it would be fun to have somewhere some of the ideas IWU undergraduate professors might joke about over coffee--ideological biases of a sort.  This is not policy, this is not absolute.  It's not even everyone.  It's not make or break stuff.  It's flavor, even prejudice.

Here's one that occurred to me today.  As a piece of IWU mishnah, the word “worldview” immediately would cause knowing looks.  The thoughts that immediately go through my head are 1) Reformed? Schaffer? Glenn Martin? (see James Smith's woes), 2) overly simplistic reduction of human motivations and machinations to overly simplistic macro-ideas, 3) inability to read the Bible in its complex contexts, reduction of the multi-genred Bible to overly simplistic propositions. ;-)  

Who knows if I will ever come back to tell you the reaction "Barna" causes ;-)  

1 comment:

Steven Jones said...

Fantastic. When one of my friends uses the word 'worldview' they get laughed at.

Barna earns them a punch.