Thursday, November 04, 2010

Criteria of Missional Faithfulness

Lois Barrett in Treasure in Clay Jars has 8 criteria for taking the missional temperature of a church.  I thought I'd summarize them in my own language:

1. Missionary Vocation: Does your congregation define success in terms of its faithfulness to Christ, not it terms of its numbers?

2. Missional Formation: Is your congregation eager to learn what it means to be a follower of Jesus? 

3. Missional Courage: To what extent is the church willing to take risks for the sake of the gospel?

4. Missional Love: Does your congregation love one another as Christ loved the church?

5. Missional Worship: Is worship is the central act of your faith community and does it lead your people to testify to the gospel?

6. Missional Dependency: Does your community confess its dependency on the Holy Spirit in prayer? 

7. Missional Agency: Does your congregation see itself as an agent to bring the kingdom of God on earth as in heaven?

8. Missional Authority: Does the Holy Spirit work through the leadership of your church so that the congregation has a missional mentality?

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