Monday, May 29, 2017

The Writing Experiment Begins

I'm trying a new experiment to write a book. I blogged through most of the books I wrote for Wesleyan Publishing House, but normal blogging doesn't seem appropriate for other books, especially scholarly ones.

So I have set up a mock course in coursesites. To get access, send me your email address at If you want to give a free will offering, there is a donate button on the upper right hand part of this website, but you do not have to.

The plan is to upload a few paragraphs each day and do a chapter a week to finish in August. (I have already written bits and pieces).

Here's a paragraph from today, the first day of the writing:

"Everything I have written thus far may seem obvious. In fact, we process this evidence without hardly a thought when we are reading an email from someone or talking to a friend. It gets more complicated when we are further removed from the speaker or the conversation. Sometimes we hear a quote from someone and we do not know the words they said before the quote. We may end up hearing their words "out of context," which makes it likely we will misinterpret the meaning they intended."

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