Thursday, May 25, 2017

Summer Inductive Bible Study

Playing with an idea. I have a book mostly on Inductive Bible Study that I need to finish. It's with Pickwick so it's not something I feel good about blogging through here every day. But blogging really helps me write too.

So here's the thought. I can set up a "course" in for the summer. I would gladly accept a free will offering to get into the course. :-) Participants have to be added to the space to get in. It's not public.

Here would be the writing schedule. I would put up material daily in there by chapter. There would be a discussion board for each week where anyone participating could comment or ask questions. I have already written some, but need to finish it up this summer:

"How to Read the Bible: The Bible as History and Sacrament"
May 29 - Two Ways to Read the Bible
June 5 -  Language and Bible Translations
June 12 - Observing Details
June 19 - How Words Work
June 26 - Seeing the Big Picture
July 3 - Situations in History
July 10 - Cultural Contexts
July 17 - Old Testament Genres
July 24 - The New Testament Use of the Old
July 31 - New Testament Genres
August 7 - The Christian Canon
August 14 - Biblical Theologies
August 21 - Sacrament and History

Anyone interested?


Zack Langford said...

Interested! I am just finishing capstone this week so I have been wondering what I could do next, let me know if this happens.

Rick Stevens said...

Sure. Let me know what you decide.

Ken Schenck said...

Thanks! I have actually set up this space with coursesites. If you want to follow me through the writing, feel free to contact me ( Feel free to donate if you like it (button now set up on my blog above at top right). I'll post the first material on Monday.