Thursday, December 31, 2015

Top Ten Posts of 2015

From Previous Years
Following the usual trend, apart from my basic home page, my most visited pages were not from 2015 but from earlier years. Here is the top ten list from this year:
Top Ten of 2015
Now for the top ten posts actually from 2015. Again, many people do not actually click on the specific post but read it from the basic blog landing page.

And now, the top 10 posts from 2015:

10. The Coming "Remnant" College

9. Wesleyan-Arminian Reflections on Christ (from my theology in bullet points series)

8. The Walking Dead and Aikido

7. The Curious Case of Dr. Oord (when the elimination of his position was announced in April)

6. David Smith to be new Dean (May announcement)

5. I Still Believe (the Walter Brueggemann chapter)

4. The Next Phase of Schenck (announcement of my job change in February)

3. I Still Believe (the James Dunn chapter)

2. Tired of open theism? Buy my philosophy book. :-)

1. Your daughters will preach (from October)

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