Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Psalm 15 and Proverbs 4:1-9

Psalm 15
1. Some have suggested that Psalm 15 was a liturgy for being allowed to enter the temple area, but it is not necessary to take it that concretely. The psalm asks who is worthy of the LORD. What does a righteous person look like?

2. The characteristics of the upright include 1) truthfulness (15:2), 2) someone who doesn't slander others and do evil to them with their words (15:3). 3) They honor those who fear the LORD but despise the wicked (15:4).

There are some textual questions about the last line of 15:4. The NRSV has that the righteous "stand by their oath even to their hurt." However, Robert Alter points out that several translations have "to their friends" instead of the expression that the NRSV tidies up as, "even to their hurt." So, 4) they keep their vows.

6) They do not take bribes or 5) extort those who borrow from them.

3. Those who do these things are worthy to abide on God's holy hill and will not be moved.

Proverbs 4:1-9
Once again, the wise speaker instructs his son and asks him to listen. The wise one did the same when his father taught him instruction. The bottom line was to "Get wisdom" (4:5). "Get wisdom, and whatever else you get, get insight" (4:7). She is something to embrace.

Love her. She will guard you. She will give you a crown.

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