Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Psalm 11 and Proverbs 3:13-18

Psalm 11
1. The psalm has two parts. In the first part, 11:1-3, the psalmist's advisers tell him to flee. His enemies are after him. They tell him to fly away like a bird, for the arrows of his enemies are aimed at him. If the foundations are destroyed, if the pillars are shaken, there's nothing for the righteous to do but flee, his advisers say.

2. The psalmist rejects this line of thinking. God is still in his holy palace, which is in heaven. His foundations are not shaken. He sees what's going on. He judges the wicked. He loves the righteous. They will see his vindication.

3. There is possibly an allusion to Sodom and Gomorrah in 11:6 (Alter).

4. I've often heard 11:3 quoted, "If the foundations are destroyed, what will the righteous do?" It's interesting that they are actually on the lips of an adviser that the psalmist rejects. His point is that the foundations are never destroyed, because God is always in his holy palace (sometimes rendered "temple"). There is always protection at hand!

Proverbs 3:13-18
With verse 13, Proverbs begins a section in praise of wisdom. Wisdom is personified in this section as a woman, but of course this is not literal. Wisdom is rather God's wisdom.

The pay off of wisdom is greater than silver or gold. No possession a person might desire can compare. A life lived in accordance with wisdom will tend to be a long life. Her path is the path of peace. Those who hold to her are blessed.

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