Friday, December 18, 2015

Biblical Theology - Onsite in Marion

A couple days ago, I laid out a possible 8 week course in Biblical Theology for an online format. I used shorter books and a somewhat abbreviated outline.

Today I want to lay out a graduate Biblical Theology course that I will be doing onsite in the Spring for the School of Theology and Ministry. It will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 3:15 in Noggle. That's basically a fourteen week course with a finals week.

Textbooks: Brueggemann's, Old Testament Theology
Marshall's, New Testament Theology

I do want to write a biblical theology. Nothing out there really satisfies my longing. Most go biblical author by author, and the ones that don't are high Calvinist. Any publisher want to offer me a contract?

Week 1: What is Biblical Theology?
  • including the history of biblical theology as a concept and movement
  • interaction with Klink and Lockett
Week 2: Theology of God
  • biblical attributes of God in the OT
  • biblical attributes of God in the NT
Week 3: Theology of Creation
  • creation stories of Genesis
  • restoration in the NT
Week 4: Theology of Evil
  • theology of angels, demons, Satan
  • theology of the Fall
Week 5: Theology of Sin
  • sin in the OT
  • sin in the NT
Week 6: Theology of Atonement
  • atonement in the OT
  • atonement in the NT
Week 7: Theology of Israel
  • God's covenant with Israel
  • parting of the ways?
Week 8: Theology of Christ 1
  • the values of Jesus' ministry
  • the Lordship of Christ
Week 9: Theology of Christ 2
  • The pre-existent Christ
  • The Trinity
Week 10: Theology of Salvation
  • predestination and election
  • conditions of salvation
Week 11: Theology of the Spirit
  • Spirit in the OT 
  • Spirit in the NT
Week 12: Theology of the Church
  • images of the Church in the NT
  • baptism and communion
Week 13: Christian Ethics
  • love God with all your heart
  • love your neighbor as yourself
Week 14: Theology of Revelation
  • revelation in history
  • moments of revelation


Dave Ward said...

Looks exciting Ken! Most of us professors think "This is the masters degree we WISH we could have had" and "I want to take this course!"

Dave Smith said...

Ken, you could imagine...I like the approach book-by-book, just the way my mind thinks, but this class will be a delight for those preparing for ministry. It's a blend of "systematics meets ministry effectiveness."

This will be a brilliant offering to illuminate the life of the mind and the real life needs of ministry. Well done.