Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Biblical Theology in 8 weeks

I'm designing an 8 week online course in Biblical Theology (not for KERN). Since I think best with my fingers, here's my first shot at an outline.

Sandra Richter, The Epic of Eden: A Christian Entry into the Old Testament
James Dunn, New Testament Theology: An Introduction

Inevitably, the textbooks you choose affect the outline of a class. I've chosen Richter because it seems more needed for the kind of student likely to take this class. I chose Dunn not only for contrast and competency but also because it's a manageable size. As usual, I'd rather write a book. Maybe in a couple years.


Week 1: What is Biblical Theology?
Richter 15-46 (Bible as story of redemption)
Dunn 1-39 (more metadiscussion)
I would include lecture material engaging Klink and Lockett.

Week 2: The Theology of God
Dunn 41-69 (he engages the OT a little as well)
There would be some inductive work in Scripture here.

Week 3: Theology of Covenant
Richter 47-91
Her material is interesting, although distracting for this particular course. Nevertheless, there is important material here for understanding the OT and covenant is a good way to conceptualize OT theology. I would include contrasting approaches.

Week 4: Creation and Restoration
Richter 92-136
These two chapters give the book ends of creation and restoration. Genesis is well covered, as well as parallels in Revelation.

Week 5: The Theology of Salvation
Dunn 71-96
A return to the NT seems appropriate for the means by which we get from creation to restoration. This chapter is relatively short, so there would need to be some heavy engagement with the NT inductively.

Week 6: The Old Covenant
Richter 137-233
We finish the OT by finishing Richter's book.

Week 7: The New Covenant
Dunn 97-123
Dunn's chapter is on the church. Would perhaps dip into pneumatology by reading some other materials, perhaps a sermon by Wesley, perhaps some engagement of the Catholic Catechism.

Week 8: How Shall We Live?
Dunn 124-59
This is a week on ethics. The love command would be emphasized with some engagement with Romans 14, disputable issues, and perhaps some other texts.

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