Thursday, April 02, 2015

My Acts books are out!!

I was excited to get my copies of the latest book in my life application series on the New Testament! It's the volume on the book of Acts, along with two devotionals to go with it.

The Early Church: Reaching the World

There are also two devotionals that go with it. So individuals/small groups in a congregation could easily be working through these devotionals while the pastor preached through Acts, using this book as a resource. WPH is also preparing possible sermon notes to go with the devotionals, since I don't have the time. That means, between the two devotionals, about 12 weeks worth of sermons.

This devotional gives six weeks of devotionals (5 days a week) on Acts 1-12:

Devotional on Acts 1-12

And here's the one with six weeks of devotionals on Acts 13-28.

Devotional on Acts 13-28

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