Thursday, December 11, 2014

Purple Fish 2

Surprisingly busy week! But I did manage to read the rest of Part 1 of Mark Wilson's new book, Purple Fish at my son's swim meet last night. My first post on it is here.

Here is a nugget from each chapter:

Chapter 5
"Jesus is our ultimate purple fish." "When you find purple-fish Jesus, you've found all you need."

Chapter 6
"You can't be full of Jesus when you're full of other things."

Chapter 7
I'll just tease you with this punchline: "'Yeah,' Luke replied before I could cover his mouth. 'Mom prayed... but Dad didn't believe it could happen.'" "The gospel is better than the best news you've ever received."

Chapter 8
"Don't hide your brokenness... Perhaps you will find a treasure there."

Chapter 9
Teaser: "My roots go back to hillbillies, rabble-rousers, and moonshiners." "When it's personal, it's interesting."

Chapter 10
"Distressed couples are marriage missionaries in the making..."

Chapter 11
Teaser response to evangelism done well: "One of the daughters ran down the hall after me... She fumbled in her purse, pulled out a five dollar bill, and said, 'Here, go have a beer on me.'"

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