Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A New Seminary Year Begins!

Yesterday we had a great launch to our sixth year as a seminary together. Dr. Wayne Schmidt cast a great vision looking forward to the next five years. He started by showing us a plaque commemorating our first five years. Then he held up the blank one for the next five years, leading us to dream of what might be written there.

Joanne Solis-Walker delivered a stirring sermon calling us to think of the service as a “holy convocation” where God calls his people at a specific time and a specific place and sets his people apart. She urged us to see our studies this year as a holy task to which God has called us. It was just as stirring to hear Moses Avila translate in Spanish as to hear Joanne in English!

You can see my attempt to apply the more mundane factors in Wesley Seminary's growth to church growth here.

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