Wednesday, January 01, 2014

New Year's Resolutions

It's that time again, to hit the reset button on life. Here's the obligatory link to last year's post.

This Year's Progress
This Year's Goals
  • I've signed up to get an inspirational verse a day from Bible Gateway. They have a number of helpful reading plans to read through the Bible, the NT, audio, chronological (intriguing). I use BG all the time to look up verses when I'm writing.
  • Run at least 3x a week
  • To grow in wisdom and favor with God and mortals (and not to shrink in stature)
Things to Read
  • I hope to get through Wright's Paul and the Faithfulness of God.  It will take at least all year.
  • I'd like to read some other books too... there are just too many to keep up.
  • Continue through Grudem, mostly on Saturdays. I at least hope to self-publish a second review volume on God and creation by the end of June.
  • Continue my way through physics and calculus, a page a day (note to self, pp. 384, 419), finish before I turn 55. 
  • Now the throw away - I'd like to paraphrase some classic philosophy texts on Fridays.
Books to Write
  • I have a contract with WPH to finish my NT series with a book on Hebrews through Revelation, due July 1 (there are some accompanying devotionals due this year).
  • Another book is embarrassingly overdue with Fortress on Hebrews and my target date is March 1. This is the writing priority for the first months of the year. 
  • I have other ideas. :-) 
Happy New Year!


Clay Knick said...

I love BG. One of the first things I do in sermon prep is to go to BG & print out RSV, NRSV, & NIV and read the text over & over in these three translations. Then I use it to look up many other verses. I also use it to read BCP readings and you can do that using any translation. So I've done that with the NLT recently, but may switch back to the NIV.

Ken Schenck said...

I also use Blue Letter Bible when I want to peak at the Greek and Hebrew hiding in the background...

Susan Moore said...

I was looking for a MOOC in the miscellaneous section...
I find accountability groups are helpful, as are running partners!
Happy New Year!! :-)

Ken Schenck said...

Any MOOC will have to wait until after the first book is done March 1. Maybe then... :-)