Thursday, February 09, 2012

Psalm 5 Translation

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Now Psalm 5
[To the musician leading (those playing) the Nechiloth, a psalm (attributed) to David]
1 Listen to my words, YHWH.
     Attend to my cry.
2 Listen to the voice of my cry,
     my King and my God,
     for to you I will pray.
3 YHWH, in the morning you will hear my voice.
     I will direct it [to you] and will look [to you].
4 For you are not a god delighting in wickedness;
     evil will not dwell in you.
5 Foolish people will not stand before your eyes;
     you hate all those doing wickedness.
6 You will destroy speakers of falsehood;
     a man of bloods and fraud you will despise, YHWH.
7 But I with the multitude of your faithfulness will go to your house;
     I will worship toward the palace of your holiness in your fear.
8 YHWH, lead me in your righteousness because of my enemies;
     make straight before me your way.
9 For there is nothing dependable in their mouth;
     their heart is ruin;
     an open grave is their throat;
     with their tongue they flatter.
10 Destroy them, God;
     let them fall because of their plans.
Because of the multitude of their transgressions
     cast them out for they rebel against you.
11 But let them rejoice forever,
     all those who trust in you;
let them rejoice
     [because] you protect them.
Let them be joyful in you,
     those who love your name.
12 For you will bless the righteous, YHWH;
     like the shield, [with] goodwill you will surround him.
This would seem to be an imprecatory psalm, one that calls on God to destroy one's enemies.  Christians must apply/pray such a prayer carefully, since Jesus has commanded us to love our enemies and do good to them.

An interesting tidbit of this psalm is also the reminder that Paul and other NT authors read the OT "spiritually."  Romans 3:13 quotes Psalm 5:9 slightly out of context.  Romans uses the verse in support of the argument that all have sinned, whereas Psalm 5:9 is only directed at the enemies of the psalmist.  It does not say that everything has an open grave for a throat...

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