Saturday, June 11, 2011

Find The Errors 1

We're now in the second week of Hebrew for Ministry.  One of the assignments for this week is to use their knowledge of Hebrew even this far in the course to find three errors in the following pretend snippet of a sermon based in Jeremiah 7:21-23.

Can you find the three errors? Use the Hebrew text in blueletterbible if you don't have an interlinear or don't know Hebrew.

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Josh and Jaclyn said...

Okay, I'll bite on this one. This is a fun exercise that I'll have to incorporate into my teaching. 1) #6635 does not mean explicitly mean "almighty" - "hosts" is probably a better translation. 2) #8085 is better translated as "listen" or "hear" and the implication is that the listener will, in turn, "obey" (cf. Deut. 6.4). The third one was tough and probably not what you were looking for but #1697 shouldn't be translated as "thing". According to Rabbi Heschel, dabar never means "thing" in the Scriptures. A better translation for dabar is "word" or "event". So how did I do? =)