Friday, April 29, 2011

Inductive Bible Study Received!

I received a desk copy of the long anticipated Inductive Bible Study, the updated and expanded version of the late Robert Traina's earlier Methodical Bible Study, edited and expanded in conjunction with David Bauer, who was my primary mentor at Asbury.

In my mind, this should replace any seminary using Grant Osborne's Hermeneutical Spiral for its inductive Bible course.  I thumbed through the book and found the familiar strengths of the IBS method they teach at Asbury with the distinctive style of David Bauer.  David and Traina worked out the revision just before Traina passed away last year.

I'll have to carefully consider whether to adopt it as the standard of Wesley Seminary.  It seems to me now to be the best book of its kind, and I think our adoption of it may be inevitable.  The problem of the book relates directly to Dr. Bauer and Traina's great strength.  They are so methodical.  On the one hand, make no mistake, this version is much better than Traina's original, in my opinion.  I just wish I could chop out about a fourth of it where Bauer's predilection for filling in every logical blank has taken over.

Some of you will know that I wrote a little book called Making Sense of God's Word.  It is basically the Reader's Digest version of this new book.  But my book does not put enough flesh on inductive method for a full seminary consideration.

Baker, I may be contacting you soon for permission to translate that 3/4 part into Spanish for our Spanish MDIV ;-)

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Talbot Davis said...

Still use Traina's/Bauer's/Thompsons' method every week 24 years after learning it for the first time.

Talbot Davis, Asbury 90