Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Table of Contents in my NT Survey Book

I realized today that you can't look into the Table of Contents on Amazon of the New Testament Survey textbook I wrote a few years back, Jesus is Lord: An Introduction to the New Testament. So here it is for anyone doing a search. P.S. I think it's about 30 dollars cheaper straight from the publisher.

Unit 1 Introduction
1. Why Read the NT
2. How to Read the Bible as a Christian
3. An Overview of the NT
4. Who Chose These Books?
5. Why Are There So Many Different Bibles?

Unit 2 Background
6. The Story Behind the Story: Abraham to Moses
7. The Story Behind the Story: From Promised Land to No Land
8. Jewish Groups at the Time of Christ
9. Ancient Family Values
10. Money and Power in the Ancient World
11. How They Viewed the World
12. Religious Thinking at the Time of Christ

Unit 3 Gospels
13. What Is a Gospel?
14. The Life and Teachings of Jesus: An Overview
15. The Gospel of Matthew: Jesus, the Son of David
16. The Sermon on the Mount
17. Being a Follower of Christ
18. The Gospel of Mark: Jesus, the Suffering Messiah
19. The Gospel of Luke: The Beginnings of Jesus’ Mission
20. The Synoptic Question: How Do Matthew, Mark, and Luke Fit Together?
21. Jesus and the Downtrodden
22. The Parables: Stories Jesus Told
23. The Gospels and Judgment Day
24. Stories of Jesus’ Birth
25. John: Jesus the Way
26. The Story of Jesus in John
27. What Would Jesus Do?
28. Other Gospels Not in Our Bible

Unit 4 Acts
29. Acts: Luke’s Sequel
30. The Story of the Church in Acts: Part 1: Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria
31. The Story of the Church in Acts: Part 2: To the Ends of the Earth
32. The Basic Christian Message
33. Baptism with the Holy Spirit
34. Christians and Troublemakers in Luke-Acts
35. Did the Early Church Have Denominations?

Unit 4 Paul’s Letters
36. The Life and Writings of Paul
37. Paul’s Mission and Message
38. Paul’s Letter to Rome: Is God Really Faithful?
39. How Do You Get to Heaven?
40. Contemporary Issues in Romans
41. The Corinthian Letters: Unity Problems
42. Contemporary Issues in 1 Corinthians
43. Is Death the End?
44. 2 Corinthians: Healing Relationships
45. Galatians: Paul on the Defense
46. Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, Philemon: Letters from Prison
47. Ghostwriting in the New Testament?
48. 1 and 2 Thessalonians: Paul’s Earliest Preaching
49. 1 and 2 Timothy: Passing on the Torch
50. Paul’s Later Writings and Society

Unit 6 Hebrews, General Letters, and Revelation
60. Hebrews: Don’t Give Up the Race
61. James, 1 and 2 Peter, 1-2-3 John, Jude: The General Letters
62. The Apocalypse: Jesus Revealed!

63. Where Do We Go from Here?

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