Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lennox in IWU Chapel on Atonement

Steve Lennox spoke on atonement in chapel today. Eventually, you will be able to hear it on iTunes, launching from this webpage. He came up with a nice little acrostic on atonement:

L = liberation from the power of Sin (I suspect we might map this to Christus Victor too, victory over evil powers)

O = order (here he covered satisfaction type material--the need for balance in God's creation and justice)

V = vicarious exchange (substitution type material)

E = example (moral influence type material)

There was good application stuff to the tune of about 6 points, but I didn't write it down. So you'll have to listen to the podcast.

By the way, I also found out that Peter Enns is now attending a Nazarene church. Welcome to the Wesleyan tradition! Unlike the PCA, we don't eat our young... at least not as often :-)


James Petticrew said...

He jumped from Westminster to a Nazarene Church is this love on the rebound? That's a big jump!

Burton Webb said...

WOW! Interesting transition...

John Mark said...

Even though I know no more about Enns than what I have read here and in World, this gives me a thrill. I hope to hear more about this.