Saturday, December 15, 2018

For Patrons: Beginning Hebrew 1

One feature of my new series on Isaiah 40-66 is that on Saturdays I am going to be plugging away at a new book draft: Hebrew for Ministers and Scholars. What that means is that my patrons will be able to learn biblical Hebrew at a gingerly pace. After all, I'm only working on the book once a week for a Saturday post.

This will be a really easy way to learn Hebrew, especially if you also watch the two videos on the Hebrew of Isaiah during the week. Patrons are those who donate at least $5 a month to my page, supporting my daily podcast commentaries on Acts, along with the daily videos on the Greek of these same passages.

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Bob MacDonald said...

I wrote recently in a draft intro,
For the most part, my English reading of the Hebrew Bible is intended to be a possible underlay to the musical score. The deciphering key of Suzanne Haïk-Vantoura is a full musical clarification of the text, not just verse by verse but as a whole. The shape of each part of the text becomes transparent. So much so that if I were teaching Hebrew, I would begin with the music.

12 years ago, I began with the letters and vowels and ignored the accents. It was a very slow process.

BTW - I highly recommend the little book Alef through the looking glass. By Jonathan Orrstav.

It is a brilliant analysis of right to left vs left to right.