Monday, October 01, 2018

Sermon Starters: Beyond the Walking Dead

Location: IWU Chapel, October 1, 2018
Text: John 3:1-8, 16

  • Bible Mondays--read John 3 today, memorize John 3:16 if you haven't already
  • Let's quote John 3:16 together
  • I was tempted to preach on John 3:16 today - turn to someone near you and guess what a sermon on John 3:16 would have been about... 20 seconds, go
I. John 3:1-8
A. Nicodemus
  • A Pharisee - they're not "fair, you see"
  • Actually, he's one of the cool kids. He knows the Law. He's super-spiritual... or so the people thought.
  • He's not just a professor. He's an STM professor! :-)
  • Maybe a little embarrassed that he doesn't have all the answers. Maybe a little embarrassed that he's not as spiritual as he wants to be.
  • You ever feel like that? That people look up to you and expect you to have it all together, but you know that you really don't? It's a lot of pressure.
  • Illustration
B. Jesus
  • Cuts to the chase.
  • "You must be born again/from above" - the potential double entendre
  • Nicodemus is confused.
II. The Walking Dead
  • My dislike of horror movies, especially of the apocalyptic kind
  • Driving around with WD in your head
  • The world is actually the reverse.
  • Our human lives are a struggle to become alive.
B. We are the walking dead.
  • All have sinned and are the walking dead.
  • Apart from God, we are all roadkill. We are all zombies. We look like the image of God, but it is marred almost beyond recognition.  
  • The argument from evil (Nietzsche's madman, existentialism)
  • Most people wander around without a true sense of the meaning of life (live for pleasure or for idolatrous causes or they serve God as a duty rather than a delight)
III. The Spirit is the Solution.
  • The Spirit is the breath of life.
  • He is the power to be human again. Charges the image of God.
  • Illustration
  • He powers us to live and love as God made us.
  • He is the Spirit of truth that gives us discernment, to see the world as it is and can be.
IV. How do we get him?
  • John 3:16
  • Faith - not a mere check yes, check no, not mere words
  • Romans 10:9 - a Lord is a master. Allegiance, investment, commitment
  • "Jesus is [my] Lord."

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