Saturday, June 09, 2018

Patrons only: Baptism in the Holy Spirit

This week's post for patrons is up on my Patreon site. Here's what you're missing :-)

It's a 24 minute inductive exploration of the Spirit-fillings-baptisms-receivings in Acts.

The way my Patreon site works is:

  • Most posts are free. Each Sunday, I post an overview of the verses for the week. For example, tomorrow I will post for free an overview of Acts 3:1-13.
  • Then on weekdays, I post a free video going through the Greek of these verses, usually two verses a day.
  • Then on Saturday, there is the "patrons only" post. These are for those who are donating at least 5 dollars a month. I go a little more scholarly, controversial, or in depth. It really can be whatever my patrons want me to post on. I have almost daily conversations with some patrons on various items of interest.

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