Thursday, May 24, 2018

Summer 2018 Goals

I have a certain personality type. I love setting goals. In fact, once I've set them, I am often so satisfied that I never do another thing on them. :-) Actually, I think I accomplish a lot. I just have so many goals that it doesn't feel that way.

So the spring semester is over. May term is over. I am an administrator, so there will be things to do. But the summer will be nothing like the year. I've been formulating goals. So let me write it down.

1. How to Read the Bible: Scripture as History and Sacrament (Monday)
I continued working on my IBS textbook over May term. Tedious work, though. Here's a schedule to aim for:
  • May - finish editing Observing the Details, The Meaning of Words, and Surveying the Big Picture 
  • June - finish Situations in History and Social and Historical Contexts
  • July - write Old Testament Genres and Issues, New Testament Genres and Issues
  • August - write Integrating Biblical Texts and Appropriating Biblical Texts
  • September - finish book
2. Gabriel's Diary: The Creation (Tuesday, Sunday)
  • May - chapters 1-2
  • June - chapters 3-7
3. Cave City (Wednesday, Saturday)
  • proposal submitted by end of May
  • a chapter a week to finish by end of December
  • Finish Hawking on Fridays, then finish Susskind 
  • June - Ludwig Wittgenstein: The Duty of Genius (daily)
  • July-August - Wright's Paul: A Biography (daily)
  • Coding (Thursdays)
Summer Science
  • normal plodding in reading and videos (daily)
  • physics with S (every other day)
  • Schroedinger's Equation (Friday's)

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