Sunday, April 08, 2018

One Week After Easter

Today's excerpt from my recent novella.
... One week after his previous appearance, all eleven were in Capernaum at the house of Peter, including Thomas. It was Sunday night, one week after the resurrection. And he appeared to them again.

Thomas had doubted them before. He thought they must be hallucinating. “You just want him to be alive,” he said. “I’m going to need to touch the holes in his hands and side for me to believe.”

And Jesus knew his doubt. “Here I am Thomas. Touch my hands and side.”

But Thomas did not need to touch him. He fell to his knees. “My Lord. My God.” And Jesus was gone again.

The next morning they went everywhere telling anyone they found that he was risen. Philip went to Bethsaida. Nathaniel to Cana. Matthew and James the younger went to Chorazin...

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