Sunday, April 08, 2018

My New Blog on Patreon

My knew Patreon blog gives:
  • On Sundays, a free 10 minute discussion of a Bible paragraph, starting with Acts 1:1-5
  • For a 3 dollar a month subscription, a daily run down of the Greek for each verse
  • For a 5 dollar a month subscription, on Saturdays a more scholarly engagement with the paragraph.


Scott D. Hendricks said...

You invest new meaning into your "Knew Blog." That's a prescient double entendre if I ever saw one.

Scott D. Hendricks said...

Inquiring minds also wish to know whether you intentionally began covering The Acta Apostolorum during Eastertide with full knowledge that it's the designated lectionary reading from the "Apostolos" in the Byzantine Rite.