Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Wednesday Prophecy

This could have happened on Tuesday too. Today's excerpt from my novella.
With each day, Jesus’ heart became heavier. On Wednesday, the Spirit opened his memory of the destruction that was to come to the Temple. As he left the Temple with his disciples, he remarked that he was afraid that none of the beautiful stones of the Temple would soon be left standing on each other.

After they had crossed the valley to the Garden of Gethsemane, Peter asked him privately, “When is the Temple going to be destroyed?”

As they sat in the cool of the garden, most took an afternoon nap, but Jesus unfolded a future to Peter and Andrew, James and John.

“It would not have to be the future,” Jesus said. “There is a possible future in which Israel turns to Christ. I am sending you all out as my apostles to work toward that future.”

“But there is another future,” he continued. “It is a future where Israel does not believe. It is a future where judgment comes on this Temple again.

“You remember the abomination of desolation in Daniel?”

“Yes,” Andrew said.

“There is a future where the Romans defile, even destroy this sanctuary.”

“We must stop that from happening!” Peter blurted out.

“The Son of Man will come from heaven,” Jesus answered with a smile. “I do not know the day or the hour,” he said. “But I will surely come in salvation and judgment.”

“But you are here already,” Peter said, confused. “Why not do it now?”

“Everything will become clear in its time, Peter. You still have not understood that I must die first.”

Jesus turned to look at Judas, who apparently could not sleep. He was agitated, throwing rocks at the trees. You could see on his face the festering anger. And I could see that the light of the Spirit had now gone completely out in his soul.

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