Sunday, March 04, 2018

Chemistry AP Study Notes 2 (Basic Chemical Reactions)

To help review for AP exam:
1. The Basics (chap 1 and 2 review)

Chapter 3
Mass Relationships in Chemical Reactions
  • atomic mass unit (amu) and average atomic mass
  • The mole and Avagadro's number
  • molecular mass
  • percentage composition
  • from empirical to molecular formulas
  • balancing chemical equations, reactants, products
  • molar method for calculating products
  • limiting reagents
  • reaction yield
  • five basic types of reactions: 1) combination or synthesis (two into one), 2) decomposition (one into two), 3) replacement/displacement (single and double replacement), 4) acid-base (see next chapter, yields salt and water), 5) combustion (involves oxygen).

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