Wednesday, January 24, 2018

2.5 God in the New Testament

The book outline so far:

Chapter 1: What is Biblical Theology?
See previous posts for outline

Chapter 2: Theology of God
2.1a The Rule of Faith of God, part 1
2.1b The Rule of Faith of God, part 2
2.2 Progress of the Biblical Understanding of God
2.4 The Old Testament Witness 

2.5 The New Testament Witness

2.5.1 God as Father

2.5.2 God as King
  • sovereignty of God
2.5.3 The Righteousness of God
  • God as holy, light, perfect
2.5.4 God is love.

2.5.5 God's power, wisdom, and knowledge

2.5.6 God is Spirit

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