Thursday, December 28, 2017

Schenck Family History

I did quite a bit of research here several years ago on my family tree. Tried a novel approach for a while as well. Feels like I should seal up that work somehow.

Let me try an outline to see if I can get going.

1. Ken Schenck

Twentieth Century
2. Lee and Helen Schenck
3. Dorsey and Esther Schenck
4. Harry and Verna Shepherd

Nineteenth Century
5. William and Jane Schenck
6. Samuel and Margaret Dorsey
7. David and Eva Miller
8. Samuel and Elizabeth Wise
9. Eli and Lucinda Shepherd
10. George and Sarah Rich
11. James and Mary Walls
12. Champion and Cassandra Shelburn

Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
13. Jamestown - Thomas and Elizabeth Shelburne (1607)
14. New Amsterdam - Roelof and Neeltje Schenck (1650)
15. Pennsylvania - Solomon and Jane Shepherd (1730)
15. Maryland - Edward and Anne Darcy (1638)
16. Maryland - Johann and Susanna Mueller (1727)
17. Maryland - Franz and Maria Weiss (1750)
18. North Carolina - Jacob and Ann Rich (1700s)

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