Saturday, December 09, 2017

Philo and Christianity

I have a chapter in my book, A Brief Guide to Philo, showing parallels between Philo and the New Testament. I continue to believe that my book is the best intro for the complete beginner, and it has been translated into Russian and Korean. With regard to early Christianity, David Runia has a much more detailed book called, Philo and Early Christian Literature.

The sections of the chapter in my book are:
        • Philo the "Christian"
        • Philo and Early Hellenistic Christianity
        • Philo and Paul's Writings (The Corinthians, The Colossians)
        • Philo and Hebrews (The Cumulative Effect of Parallels, Angels in Hebrews and Philo, The logos in Hebrews and Philo, The Tabernacle in Hebrews and Philo, Other Parallels)
        • Philo and the Gospel of John 
        • Philo and New Testament Hymns
        • Beyond the New Testament
There is another life where I wrote a book called Philo and Early Christology. That's a world were I didn't teach as many overloads as I did my first fifteen years of teaching. :-)


Martin LaBar said...

So you wrote a book while inhabiting an alternate universe? Interesting.

Ken Schenck said...