Sunday, October 29, 2017

Another seminary curriculum

I've been thinking off and on lately, what would have been the ideal seminary curriculum for me. It would probably look much like the traditional curriculum I had in seminary, except it might be more integrated within each course.

Almost impossible to do it. There's just too much. Here's a shot if we could still do 90 hour MDIV curricula (15 hours per semester). For maximum benefit and coverage, every course should have a view to 1) spiritual formation, 2) connecting to other disciplines and subject matter, 3) appropriation.

Year 1
  • The Life of a Minister (1 hour)
  • Greek for Ministry
  • IBS: The Gospel of Matthew
  • History: The First Christian Centuries (2 hours)
  • Christian Theology 1
  • The Mission of the Church
  • Intro to Spiritual Formation (1 hour)
  • Greek for Study
  • IBS: Romans
  • History: Catholics and Protestants (2 hours)
  • Christian Theology 2
  • The Pastor as Leader
Year 2
  • Supervised Ministry 1 (1 hour)
  • Greek Exegesis: Philippians
  • The Pentateuch 
  • History: American Christianity (2 hours)
  • Race, Class, and Gender
  • The Pastor and Congregational Care
  • Personal Spiritual Formation
  • Greek Exegesis: Gospel of John
  • Hebrew for Ministry
  • Historical and Poetic Books
  • The Pastor as Priest
Year 3
  • Supervised Ministry 2 (1 hour)
  • Hebrew for Study
  • Luke-Acts
  • Philosophy and Christian Faith (2 hours)
  • Great Theologians of the Centuries
  • The Pastor and Discipleship
  • The Integrated Pastor
  • Hebrew Exegesis: The Prophets
  • Contemporary Theologians
  • The Letters of the New Testament
  • The Pastor as Prophet

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