Thursday, August 24, 2017

Philosophy Online for High School/Non-IWU Students

We still have room for about five more philosophy students in Scott Burson's online course this fall, which begins September 5. That gives about a week to sign up.

This class is aimed at non-IWU students including:
  • high school seniors
  • students at secular colleges
  • ministers working on ordination requirements
At only $150 a credit hour (a 3 credit hour course), the cost can't be beat. And it gives you a chance to check off that college philosophy requirement in a Christian, faith-filled context. If you like apologetics, you'll love Dr. Burson's course.

There are two textbooks:
  • Kenneth Schenck's Christian Philosophical Journey 
  • James Sire's The Universe Next Door
Both are available through Tree of Life Bookstores and I've seen the first one on Kindle for less than 10 dollars.

Follow the links or contact me in the comments below.

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