Saturday, July 22, 2017

Six "Wise" Generations

So I like genealogy stuff.

Wise Cemetery west of Camden, Indiana

1. Samuel Wise, great, great, great, great grandfather
  • Buried in Carroll County
  • Born in 1783 in Woodbury, Pennsylvania
  • Owned land from Camden to Delphi along Deer Creek. 
  • Helped found the German Baptist Brethren Church in Camden in 1828 
  • Died in 1841.
Site of German Baptist Brethren
Church founded 1828

2. Leonard Wise, great, great, great grandfather

  • Born 1810 in Montgomery Ohio
  • Came with father to Carroll County, Indiana in the mid-1820s
  • Died in Camden, 1889

3. Elias Wise (great, great grandfather)
  • Born in 1850 in Carroll County, Indiana
  • Went with the split away from the group that would become the Church of the Brethren in 1889. The group he went with called themselves the Old German Baptist Brethren  
  • Died in 1929, Buried in Camden

4. Salome (Wise) Miller (great grandmother)
  • Born 1878 in Carroll County, Indiana
  • Married Amsey Miller in 1900
  • They stayed with the Old German Baptist Brethren in 1919 when a group they call the "horse and buggy" brethren split off opposed to cars and electricity.
  • In 1912ish, moved from a brick house west of Camden to a house on the northwest corner of Camden itself.
  • Died in 1946 in Camden

Deer Creek Old German Baptist Brethren Church

5. Esther (Miller) Schenck (grandmother)
Dorsey and Esther Schenck, 1920
  • Born in 1902 in Carroll County
  • Married Dorsey Schenck in 1920 in her home in Camden
  • Got saved in a tent revival in Delphi and was Pilgrim Holiness until the merger that formed the Wesleyan Church in 1968.
  • Died in Indianapolis in 1977

6. Lee Schenck (father)

  • born in Thorntown, 1924
  • Married Helen Shepherd in 1947 in Frankfort
  • Pilgrim and Wesleyan
  • Passed in 2012
Dad, me, and son Tom

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