Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Review 2: Elements of Cultural Intelligence

I started skimming Cultural Intelligence yesterday. Today I ran through chapter 3: "CQ 101: The Path to Loving the Other." In this chapter Livermore gives us the basic components of what he is calling CQ. The later chapters will run through these in more detail.

Here are the four:

1. Knowledge CQ
This is about basic understanding of another culture or other cultures.

2. Interpretive CQ (or metacognitive CQ)
This is about being able to discern want is happening in an intercultural situation. Livermore calls the combination of knowledge and interpretive CQ, "cultural strategic thinking." He also says that, "Interpretive CQ is the dimension of cultural intelligence most desperately lacking in the cross-cultural behavior of many American ministry leaders" (52).

3. Perseverance CQ
Once you know what's going on, are you going to persevere or try to force your culture on situations?

4. Behavorial CQ
How are you going to behave. In the end, your actions and words are how we measure your cultural intelligence.

Another thought from the chapter:
  • "Many argue that EQ has far more influence than IQ on how well someone succeeds in life and work" (47). Absolutely true. Grades in high school or college are less a predictor of life success than the ability to have good relationships.

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