Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Philosophy for Secular University Students!

Are you a student at IU or Purdue? Ball State? Some other college?

Are you a high school student, a junior or senior looking to get some college credit before you even go to college? Are you at a Christian high school like Lakeview or Heritage Christian? Are you home schooled?

Are you a minister in training who wants to knock off an ordination requirement and actually get transcripted credit for it?

2. By the end of the Thanksgiving Break (November 28), we need to decide whether to offer an online philosophy class just for you in the spring (January 9 through April 27). So you need to act now if you are interested. In many cases, you can actually use your financial aid at your university toward this course. IWU has agreements with the other colleges of Indiana.

This is a 14 week course taught by Scott Burson, probably IWU's best online teacher on the residential campus. Most colleges require a course in philosophy. Why not take it from someone who actually believes in God?! It's a "God is NOT dead" philosophy course. Then just transfer it back into the school you're at.

To register, click on the following link: IWU Philosophy

Also, feel free to email me (ken.schenck@indwes.edu) or Scott (scott.burson@indwes.edu) for any questions. It's a steal compared to most college tuitions ($345 a credit hour) and very competitive as far as high school students ($150 a credit hour).

Philosophy is the study of topics like 1) right and wrong, 2) why is there evil and suffering, 3) arguments for God's existence, 4) do I have free will, 5) what's the best way to govern society, 6) how do I know that I know what I know, 7) what is real, and more.

Register (or at least tell us you plan to) today!

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