Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Harry Shepherd Prophecy 11

The eleventh installment of my grandfather Shepherd's prophecy book, copied here without comment.
Promise Four: Israel The Determining Factor in the Destinies of Other Nations and of Individuals
Let us consider again the Fourth Promise to Abraham. It is: "I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee" (Genesis 12:3). Another way to state it is: That God would make Abraham and his descendants through Isaac The Determining Factor in the destinies of other nations and of individuals. The treatment the Jews received from nations and individuals will determine more or less the prosperity or downfall of them. (Matthew 25:34, 40, 45, 46) All of the other three promises have had fulfillments and suspensions on account of Israel’s disobedience and sins. But this Fourth one has had God's fulfillment from time immemorial down to our modern present and will continue to have it throughout the coming Millennium and the cycles of Eternity. One of the earliest examples is to be found in the loss of Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea after the years of Israelitish bondage in Egypt. The present ruins of the mighty Babylon whose king Nebuchadnezzar carried the children of Judah down to that city after destroying Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem testifies to this same fact. The fall of the great Roman Empire after her destruction of Jews and Jerusalem under Titus and martyrdom of the Apostles Peter and Paul, give eloquent witness to the same truth. Coming down to modern days the dropping down of England in the rating of nations and her loss of India and the Suez Canal probably stem from this Fourth Promise because of the contributing part she had in the slaughter of the six million Jews under Hitler by the shutting the doors of Palestine to the fleeing sons of Abraham through the MacDonald White Paper restrictions* (May 1939). Another example is seen in Germany reduced by World War II from the foremost nation in Europe to a far less powerful and divided country. The Eastern part of it (and possibly the Western) will according to the Scriptures, march with Russia, in the near future, to a terrible retribution for destruction of the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob whom she sent to their graves alive, and whom she consigned to the gas chambers, crematory ovens and mass graves with other suffering. We have a newspaper clipping giving the death of Mr. Hitler and his one-day-old bride, Eva Braun, in which a German war prisoner detailed to help dispose of their bodies, April 30, 1945, before the fall of Berlin which gives this information. Mr. Hitler's last wishes were that his body be cremated so that he would not be captured dead or alive by his enemies. This German and two others were to burn the bodies of Hitler and his bride. Hitler shot himself and she poisoned herself. The three men did not fully succeed in the burning. Mr. Hitler's head was not marred and it, with what was left of their bodies, fell to the Russians. Thus his terrible persecution of the Jews was a determining factor for his fate and that of his country and he was even denied his dying request for his body.
* The slaughter of six million Jews under Hitler and MacDonald White Paper restriction’s part in it, taken from “The Fall and Rise of Israel”, by Wm. L. Hull, publisher, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, page 234, used by permission.
Let us now give consideration to how this Fourth Promise has affected and will affect the destiny of Russia and her final allies. The 38th and 39th chapters of Ezekiel give the final word on the subject. First, it seems to me that Russia has, for the present, blocked God's regathering of the two million Jews from her land which should have returned with other nationalities under Isaiah's 43:6 "I will say to the North 'give up' or 'give me.'" This is, in a sense, cursing them because of more favorable living conditions in Israel which Russia is preventing them from enjoying. Then Russia is taking a murderous attitude toward the little Israeli nation. The Arab block of Nations with President Abdel Nasser of Egypt as one of the main instigators, is bent on the destruction of the State of Israel. Russia has fanned this Arab hostility and has promised extreme Arabs to obliterate Israel. This commitment is more than two years old and it would seem that she must make good on it pretty soon or lose face with the Arabs. She has armed Syria and Yemen and rearmed Egypt and Arab nations next to the Jews have clearly given the information that these munitions are to be used on Israel. Before the Middle East Crisis * in October and early November 1956, Russia had armed Egypt far beyond what the Egyptian army could use. Colonel Abdel Nasser had trained a commando army called fedayeen in Cairo, Sinai and in the Gaza Strip. They had been used by night to raid Israeli settlements, destroy homes and property, waylay houses, kill school children and others. Finally the Egyptian high commander indicated over the radio The Voice of the Arabs that Egypt was about in readiness to begin the war to destroy the Jewish State. The Israeli seeing that they would get little help from the United Nations, mobilized their forces and shortly before dark on October 29, 1956, struck at the Egyptians in the Sinai Peninsula campaign. In a week's time the sturdy, fast, Jewish troops conquered the Peninsula, destroyed or dispelled upwards of a third of the forces of Egypt, and took great amounts of military equipment. The Russians in part or the whole had furnished this vast amount of equipment. It included hundreds of tanks, heavy artillery, armored cars, one million heavy wool blankets, two million cotton sheets, 100,000 summer uniforms, an equal number of winter uniforms, a large amount of munitions which the Arabs did not understand how to use, trucks, fuel oil, gasoline, twenty-five years supply for Israel of medicines and antibiotics and other things. Evidently the Jews had captured a Russian supply and storage arsenal for future use of Russia in trying to take over the Middle East. This very successful Israeli campaign had uncovered Russian duplicity and intentions. Russia was angered greatly but prior events in Hungary probably hindered Russian retaliation. But Russia with her allies will yet march with a mighty army against the little Jewish State. Then the Lord of hosts will intervene to save His chosen people and to verify the fourth promise to Abraham. According to Ezekiel 38:18-23 (especially v. 23) and 39:7b; 13b; 17b:21 and 27 not N. A. T. O. but God, will turn Russia back and destroy five sixths of her till it will take the Israeli seven months to bury the dead (Ezekiel 39:2 and 12). By this the nations will know something about God and that He overrules in the affairs of nations.

*Some of truth about the Middle East Crisis (1956) and the Israel Sinai campaign gleaned from Wm. L. Hull’s book “Israel Key to Prophecy”, publisher, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, pages 36-37, used by permission. Some truth from other sources, including Dr. G. Frederick Owen’s book “Abraham to the Middle-East Crisis” published by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, Michigan, pages 384-387, used by permission.

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