Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Harry Shepherd (1961) Prophecy 3

This is the third week transcribing my grandfather's booklet on prophecy. Today we finish the second half of the second section of the booklet.
Promise Two:- Give Abraham A Land To Contain The Nation
The Second Promise to Abraham was to give him the Land of the Canaanitish tribes in which he had been a sojourner. In other words give him a Land to contain the nation. The title to this land was to pass down to Isaac to his descendants--the Israelites-- and not through Ishmael to the Arabs. By this warrantee deed the present Jews have a clear abstract in the archives of heaven to the Holy Land. The Arabs though descendants of Abraham through the Egyptian maid Hagar are squatters and not the rightful owners.

Promise Three: Bless Abraham And Make Him A Blessing
The Third Promise to Abraham was that he was to be blessed and to be a blessing. In this blessing God would bless all families and nations of the earth and thereby make Abraham's name great. This blessing would, of course, be brought about by the coming of the Kinsman-Redeemer of the stock of Abraham with redeeming grace. It is a known fact that Abraham’s name is great among Moslims, Jews and Christians.

Promise Four:- Abraham’s Descendants A Main Determining Factor In The Destinies Of Other Nations And Of Individuals
The Fourth Promise was that Abraham and his descendants through Isaac would be, at times, The Determining Factor in the Destinies of Other Nations and of Individuals. This truth is found in Genesis 12:3 in the declaration, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee.” Nations, rulers and individuals who have had a major control and handling of the Israelitish people have met the truth of blessing or curse according to this verse. Egypt, Syria, Babylon, Rome, Spain, Germany, Russia, England and America could testify to this fact—the latter two from the blessing angle. An individual example of the working of this Fourth Promise is to be found in the last election of President Harry Truman when the Dixiecrats split the Democratic Party in the south (1948). In 1912 when the Bull Moose Party, headed by Theodore Roosevelt, split the Republican Party, a keenly-discerning cartoonist drew the following cartoon: the elephant (the Republicans) the Bull Moose (the Progressives) the donkey (the Democrats--with Woodrow Wilson sitting on the donkey smiling, with hat in hand). The obvious meaning was a split Republican Party meant the election of Mr. Wilson. And so it was. Likewise a split Democratic Party in 1860 gave the election to Abraham Lincoln. I know of no exception to this rule in American History up to 1948 that the split in a major party through the election to the other major party. This held true till the election of 1948 when President Truman was reelected in spite of the Dixiecrat split. What is the explanation of this fact? God fulfilling this Fourth Promise, because the night of May 15, 1948, President Truman cabled the United States’ recognition as a nation of the little Israeli nation then being born. This recognition evidently in divine providence and order and also necessary to the establishment of the Israeli nation, was blessing Abraham's modern descendants and God paid President Truman back with enough votes to reelect him. This is my view of it. You may refuse it if you don't see it that way.

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