Monday, July 18, 2016

RNC begins with a slam...

So I'm listening to the beginning of the Republican convention. There's a group that has a petition to have a roll call vote on the rules, in hope that they might by-pass Trump as a candidate.

The chair not only did not recognize those with the petition but mumbled something about the "previous question." The previous question requires an immediate vote without discussion. It's a tactic to stop any discussion. But it requires a two thirds vote itself. No vote was taken.

Then the chair calls for a vote on the rules. The place roars in protest before he asks for the ayes. He counts the roar of protest as an aye vote. The volume stays the same for the nays. He says the ayes have it. He moves on.

As we speak, the leaders are trying to figure out what to do. Complete chaos, with different groups calling different things like "Roll call vote." Several have walked out.

The chair finally comes back. He says that enough people withdrew their name from the petition that it no longer had enough votes to be considered. Republican Whips allegedly went around convincing enough state signers to take their names off.

No one has yet seen the counter-petitions to verify... :-)

Update 2:
It was finally said that Minnesota, DC, and a couple other states withdrew their signatures.

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