Friday, April 01, 2016

Fusion is sold out!

IWU chapel auditorium
Every year, IWU hosts Fusion, a two day blast for high school students on campus with fun, music, a band, and a speaker. Every year, Charlie Alcock puts this thing together and thousands participate. Every year thousands come and get some spiritual food! Imagine IWU's huge chapel auditorium completely full!

This year it's NeedToBreathe as band and Antwaan Randle El as speaker, with College Wesleyan's own Jordan Brown leading worship. Let me just say that I am constantly in awe of the gifts God has given Charlie to put together these things. And even more in awe that an academic institution would realize that these kinds of events are not distractions but the very stuff that make places like IWU great.

Keep it coming!

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chris.bounds said...

Charlie is incredible! IWU is blessed beyond measure with his gifts and leadership.