Monday, March 14, 2016

Lots of IWU professors at WTS

The Wesleyan Theological Society met last week in San Diego. I was absolutely amazed at how many IWU professors were involved. There was a time when no one from IWU went. Then there was a time when only John Drury went.

Now look:
  • Abson Joseph: "The Background and Implications of the Language of the New Birth in 1 Peter"
  • Kayla Caruso: "Becoming Like a Child: John Wesley's Doctrine of Childhood"
  • Constance Cherry: "Child Dedication in Alternative Rites for Wesleyans: Some Possible Models for Contemporary Practice" (also responded to two papers for the Charles Wesley part)
  • Patrick Eby: moderated "Language and Experience in Cultural Contexts" (the panel had Abson Joseph, Lara Levicheva, and Lena Caruso; Patrick also responded to two papers for the Charles Wesley part)
  • John Drury: On panel reviewing Katherine Sondregger's first volume on the Doctrine of God in her new Systematic Theology (also moderated one session)
  • Lenny Luchetti: "A Homiletic New Birth: How Empathy Drove John Wesley to the Fields"
  • And I have to mention Joanne Lyon: "Don't Be Overcome with Evil, but Overcome Evil with Good"
What an impressive showing!

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