Thursday, February 18, 2016

Biblical Theology in Orlando

Late notice, but I am teaching biblical theology for two days next week at Asbury Orlando (Friday-Saturday). Then I'll be back April 8-9. Surrounding these two, two day intensives are 10 weeks of reading online. If you want 3 hours of seminary credit (which will transfer into Wesley or any other seminary), I think you could just squeeze in if you jumped on it.

Here's the tentative schedule right now (I may shift some):
Friday, February 26
  • history of biblical theology
  • attributes of God
  • creation and consummation
  • angels and demons
  • Satan and the Fall
Saturday, February 27
  • sin and atonement
  • God's covenant with Israel
  • parting of the ways?
Reading/Discussion in between
Friday, April 8
  • nature of revelation
  • WWJD and Jesus is Lord
  • Trinity and pre-existent Christ
  • predestination, election, conditions
Saturday, April 9
  • Spirit and the Church
  • baptism and communion
  • Love God with all your heart
  • Love your neighbor as yourself
Anyone interested?

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