Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Tom Oord's forthcoming book

I will be reviewing Tom Oord's forthcoming book when it comes out in about a month: The Uncontrolling Love of God: An Open and Relational View of Providence. He has produced a video teaser.


Chad Gibbons said...

I'm genuinely curious on how you view the relationship between "Open" and "Relational" theology. Can you have one without the other? I feel that the central tenants of Relational Theology are right on, but I can't get behind Open Theism at all.

Ken Schenck said...

I'm certainly not an open theist either personally.

Thomas Jay Oord said...


I saw your comment and I thought I'd weigh in. All open theists that I know are also relational theists. But not all relational theists are open theists. Some theologians deny divine impassibility but still think God knows the future exhaustively. That's not my position. But it would be the position of someone like Roger Olson.