Friday, October 16, 2015

My Devotionals on James and Revelation... now out!

So we reach the end of my publications through the New Testament with Wesleyan Publishing House. Earlier in the year, my final books on Acts and Hebrews through Revelation came out. I personally think these are really useful for pastors (and I'm clearly unbiased ;-).

IMO, the gap between pulpit and expert is so large. I hear easy mistakes all the time from the pulpit. If I might borrow a page from my colleague Bob Whitesel, I sit there wondering why they haven't read my books. :-)

(They probably have and are wondering why any college would give me a teaching job ;-)

In any case, the two final devotionals in this series just arrived in the mail yesterday. These are six week Bible studies, five days a week. Our Future is a Bible study on Revelation! Our Walk is a Bible study on James. Both of them go with my book on Hebrews through Revelation mentioned above. So a pastor could preach through one of these books in a 6 week series while small groups were going through the devotional.

Here is the whole series with devotionals (these are also available in various bundles):

Jesus Books
Jesus: The Mission
Jesus: Portraits from the Gospels

Jesus Devotionals
The Parables of Jesus
The Passion of Jesus (Last Week of Jesus' earthly mission)
The Wisdom of Jesus (Sermon on Mount)
The Witness of Jesus (The Pictures of John)

Paul Books
Paul: Messenger of Grace (Corinthians and early letters)
Paul: Soldier of Peace (Romans)
Paul: Prisoner of Hope (Prison epistles and later letters)

Paul Devotionals
Our Hope (1 Thessalonians)
Our Joy (Philippians)
Our Righteousness (Romans 1-8)
Our Relationships (Romans 9-16)
Our Purpose (Ephesians and Colossians)
Our Faith (Pastoral Epistles)

Acts Book and Devotionals
The Early Church: Reaching the World (Acts)

Our Foundations (Acts 1-12)
Our Mission (Acts 13-28)

Hebrews through Revelation Book
The Early Church: Letters to the Body of Christ (Hebrews to Revelation)

Heb-Rev Devotionals
Our Walk (James)
Our Future (Revelation)

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